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Outdoor 3D Outdoor Tournament

July 24th & 25th 2021



Indoor & Outdoor

3D Archery - get ready to test your mettle. Unknown distances, large targets, small targets (I hate Rabbits, Turkeys and Mosquitoes) are all to be had when dealing with 3D.

FCA rules state the maximum distance is 50 yards, but shoot a Fred Bear Challenge and all the Rules are off. Not for the faint of heart. (However, you CAN use your Rangefinder with this Challenge....)

PeeWees can walk right up to the target and stick their arrow right in. Others have to do it the old fashion way and just 'guess'.


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Membership with BC Archery includes 5 million dollars of personal liability coverage through Archery Canada’s CGL policy. Membership with BC Archery and Archery Canada are included in all Silvertip membership registration fees.

Loaning of Club Equipment:

Basic recurve equipment is available for all members on a first come first serve basis; includes bow, arrows and all safety equipment. Non-members can access (rent) equipment for a $5 fee on Friday Family Nights during the regular indoor season for three times, then non-members are expected to make a decision on whether to join the club or not. Family night non-members have an additional $5 fee for shooting as well.

For Junior Olympic Program Inquiries:
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