Welcome to the Silvertip Archers Club

Open Shooting Times

Times are as follows Monday 7:00 pm

Tuesday at 7:00 pm

Thursday at 7:00 pm

Sundays 1:00-3:00 pm

and Wed and Friday 10:00-12:00 if the range is available.


This is a GREAT way to practice! You can score each of the times you shoot so that you know if you are progressing. Change something, and shoot again to see if your score improves.

Meet other adult members and gain intimate knowledge of how they shoot, what equipment they use, what works and what doesn't. Practice on all the different kinds of archery butts you would shoot in other competitions. Learn how the scoring and competition shooting is done so you are not intimidated when you compete.

ALL Members can shoot during these times. The rules are set up as follows:

  1.  If there are additional spots available, and there usually is, then you can practice on that shooting lane. After all we can accommodate up to 40 archers at a time.
  2.  You must be able to shoot a 40 cm target. NO other targets will be setup at this time.
  3.  $2.00 round for the range fee. JOP Members $1/round. This goes towards replacing the target boxes, League trophies, etc. Sign up to submit a league score on the sheet provided. You choose your lane and target, and then are guaranteed a spot on the line.
  4.  You MUST submit 25 (twenty-five) scores in order to qualify for a league standing for the medals and trophies. These are averaged over the course of all the top scores, so shoot lots so that your lowest scores are thrown out! I know - it's cheating - I wish we could do this for tournaments.
  5.  Rules subject to change.
  6. If in DOUBT, ASK. Most of the members can advise you of which category/class you are in and how it works. It's easy! It's FUN.

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Membership with BCAA ( British Columbia Archery Association ) includes 5 million dollars of personal liability coverage through Archery Canada’s CGL policy. Membership with BCAA and Archery Canada are separate then Silvertip membership registration fees.  

Loaning of Club Equipment:

Basic recurve equipment is available for all members on a first come first serve basis; includes bow, arrows and all safety equipment. Non-members can access (rent) equipment for a $5 fee on Friday Family Nights during the regular indoor season for three times, then non-members are expected to make a decision on whether to join the club or not. Family night non-members have an additional $5 fee for shooting as well.

For Junior Olympic Program Inquiries:
Amanada Nelson -  

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