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Junior Olympic Program

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JOP Program is designed to recognize young archers for their achievements and give encouragement for improvements. As awards are earned, each youth develops archery skills together with greater confidence and ability to perform in competition. Goals also include recognizing fair play, courtesy and good sportsmanship with the emphasis placed on safety and individual performance. Archers are encouraged to participate in the Provincial JOP Championships


Silvertip Archers is registered with the Prince George KidSport Program which is a national network providing assistance to children and youth to overcome financial barriers preventing or limiting their participation in organized sport.



All ages are calculated as your age as of December 31 of the membership year.

U21 - 20 or less 

U18 - 17 or less, 

U15 - 14 or less,

U13 - 12 or less,

U10 - 9 or less

QUALIFYING FOR BADGES JOP - Archers will require two qualifying scores to achieve each level of the JOP program. They will receive a Certificate and sticker for each of these levels.



These rounds are developed by the international Sport Body (FITA). We use a five color target face with ten scoring zones, counting from 10 to 1. Three arrows are shot in an end with 10 ends making up a round of 30 arrows and a possible score of 300.



Competition at the local level may be among the members of the club or with other clubs in the area. Coordinators and coaches will encourage their junior members to participate in local events as these make very good tournament experience. Silvertip Archery has funds to help with travel costs.



Silvertip Archers has funding for the following Target shooting Tournaments , all of these events most be hosted outside of Prince George to qualify for funding. Please fill in the application for funding and email to the appreciate person.

1.Canada Cup
2.BC Indoors
3.BC Outdoors
4.Canadian Nationals
5.JOP Indoors
6.JOP Outdoors

Silvertip Archers has funding for 3D events as well, please fill in the application for funding and email to the appropriate person

Form for JOP Travel Funding



Scores and levels achieved are not used in the selection, instead the guidelines listed below are followed:

1. Enthusiasm and dedication for the sport
2. Personal Growth
3. Sportsmanship - attitude and behavior towards their coach and follow archers
4. Attendance and participation.








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Membership with BCAA ( British Columbia Archery Association ) includes 5 million dollars of personal liability coverage through Archery Canada’s CGL policy. Membership with BCAA and Archery Canada are separate then Silvertip membership registration fees.  

Loaning of Club Equipment:

Basic recurve equipment is available for all members on a first come first serve basis; includes bow, arrows and all safety equipment. Non-members can access (rent) equipment for a $5 fee on Friday Family Nights during the regular indoor season for three times, then non-members are expected to make a decision on whether to join the club or not. Family night non-members have an additional $5 fee for shooting as well.

For Junior Olympic Program Inquiries:
Amanada Nelson -  

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